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Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

An All In One Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Our body relies on adequate water intake to function to at it's top level. However, sometimes water gets boring. Adding fruit is an all natural flavor enhancer and is a great way to boost your day. 

The WATRBOTL not only acts as a fruit infuser water bottle, but also as a thermos. How does this sound: Hot coffee or tea in the morning, cold fruit infused water throughout the day, and a bedside ice water at night all while using one bottle? Yep. It can happen.


  • Keeps Cold 24hr / Hot 8hr
  • BPA-Free
  • Removable Snap Screen Fruit Infuser
  • 18/8 insulated stainless steel
  • Double wall construction
  • Durable, sweat-free matte coating
  • Light Weight: 368g
  • Fits in all standard cup holders
  • Holds 16.9oz Water
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