Why you should buy a fruit infuser water bottle.

Why you should buy a fruit infuser water bottle.

You might be searching for reasons why to buy a fruit infuser water bottle. Let's find out why!

Fruit infuser water bottles are almost the same as normal water bottles. However, they have just  a bit extra. You might be wondering? What's so different. Let's find out!

Keeps water cold and hot.

WATRBOTLs keep water cold for 8hr and hot or 24hr. That's because our water bottles are made up for doubled walled stainless steel. Most Fruit Infusers are made from glass or plastic. These can get the job done as well but not for as long as stainless steel. 

It's a water bottle with a fruit infuser or ice catcher.

Fruit infuser water bottle are simply water bottles with a fruit infusing element to it's design. It does all the normal functions a water bottle does. However most contain a fruit or ice catcher at the the top or have a tube to put fruit in. With the WATRBOTL, it has a removable fruit infuser at the top. This means you fruit is always in the water and only tasty fruit water is delivered. With the tube version of a fruit infuser, your water will no longer be infusing once it goes below a certain amount. 

A healthy alternative to artificial flavors and sugars.

With carbonated drinks, often you will find artificial flavors and an unhealthy amount of sugar. With fruit infusion you get a healthy drink with a much needed flavor. Plus, after you are done, you get to snack on some fruit. BONUS!

Consistent water throughout the day.

The fact that most people don't drink enough water throughout the day is crazy! With a fruit infuser water bottle that you like, we like to think you will up your water intake. We believe it's all about having a water bottle you like enough. It's not that we don't want to drink water, we just simply forget. 

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