About us

Did you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Yeah, that's a lot. After taking notice in our personal health, we realized our lack of consistent water intake... Which was very noticeable through headaches and fatigue. After purchasing a few water bottles, we found they were not cutting it. If it was plastic, it wasn't keeping water cold for long periods of time. If it was stainless steel, they were too big for cup holders, general daily activities, and couldn't infuse your water with fruit. This is when we went to work to create the perfect water bottle for daily use. No matter if you want hot tea in the morning, cold water during the day, and fruit infused water in the afternoon.. the WatrBotl ensures you can make this happen.

The People Who Make It Happen

Tim Opsal


tim opsal watrbotl co-founder

Alex Person


alex person watrbotl co-founder